SAIL 4.0

The newly developed 4.0 Sail is a perfect rig for beginners or young sailors. It is super light, durable and easy to handle. At a 4m2, the sail is just the right size to do it all-providing enough power and speed for light wind cruising on the stand up paddle board.

Double batten structures make the sail flexible, stiff and highly responsive. Build with dacron and PVC material gives the sail structure rigidity, a bigger visible area, but also easy to maintain. If you're a rider that like to sail with moderate power or simply needs drive to be able to excel in less than ideal conditions, the Aztron 4.0 Sail is definitely a good choice.

  • Sail Material: Dacron, X-ply and PVC window
  • Premium fiberglass mast 3-section masts for portability and forgiving control
  • Boom: Aluminum adjustable boom with EVA foam wrap for comfortable handling
  • Outhaul rope included
  • Two-batten configuration
  • Integrated mastfoot insert on Aztron Soleil and Soleil Xtreme SUP board. Simply set up with no tools
  • 4.0 zipper sail bag with Velcro straps inside the bag

    SIZE: 4.0M2

    LUFF: 325CM

    MAST: 300CM

    COLOR: Blue/Yellow

    BOOM: 120-170CM

    ITEM NO.: AR-400

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