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SUP / Stand up Paddleboard Advice & Tips – UAE 2021
United Arab Emirates - 2021
So, which type of Stand up Paddle board is best?
It's important to note that there is no one size that fits all. The environment where you are paddling is the biggest indicator as to what type of board you should use.

Coiled. The length of the leash is coiled, much like a spring. You would use a coiled leash lengths for general SUP use.
Straight. The straight leash is just one continuous length. You would use a straight leash mainly for surfing.

There is a variety of affordable high quality aluminum and carbon fiber SUP paddles out in the market to suit every situation and every paddler. You should choose the right one for you offering fixed length and adjustable paddles that in multiple constructions, sizes and flex patterns. Ultimately what you are looking for is a strong and light board, which allows for excellent performance and energy conservation.

TITAN - Stand Up Paddle Board is a good choice for most users. You can catch the wave as you SUP wave in the clear blue water with the right gear to help you paddle and steer through the wave. This board is easy to use and is ideal for beginners to start out in stand up paddling and improve their skills.

Where to Paddle in the United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates offers turquoise waters and warm sea temperatures. The are plenty of paddleboarding opportunities here in both Dubai and & Abu Dhabi, as both cities make for a perfect destination.

Dubai, offers fantastic views of this incredible skyline with warm, blue waters. Kite Beach, Jumeriah Beach and Umm Suquiem Beach all over free access to calm waters. Mornings are the best time for glassy conditions. Several places in the vicinity hire SUPs.
Other Dubai locations include inland waterways both in Dubai and Sharjah. Going along the coast, the beaches become quieter and there are several surf beaches along this area, which include, going Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. Further east, plenty of flatwater opportunities can be found at Ras Al Khemiah, with a lovely and large marina and estuary to explore.
Sitting on an island surrounded by water with near perfect temperatures nine months of the year, it's only natural that people would see Abu Dhabi as an excellent place to stand up paddle. Here you can find a growing community of stand up paddlers.

While there are plenty of watercourses, shorelines and waterways for people to head on out and get going, one of the more popular venues for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Abu Dhab is the sprawling Mangrove National Park. The park is home to turtles, foraging foxes and marine mammals like the rare dugong and even the occasional dolphin.. Other popular Stand Up Paddleboarding venues include Saadiyat Island, El Raha Beach, Al Reem Island, Yas Island and the beautiful Yas Beach, with Al Raha Beach very popular amongst Stand Up Paddleboarders of all skill levels.

The Stand Up Paddleboarding that happens in Abu Dhabi is in flat water only. There are usually no waves, and on rare occasions, there are tiny waves, so the inflatable standup paddleboard model is ideal. It is also easier for beginners to getgoing and to enjoy what the sport offers.

Top Paddleboarding Tip
It's much easier to stand on your board as you start moving. So try to get yourself moving first when kneeling. As you start to move, get up steadily and commit to the movement. Keep your weight central, so that the board respond as you'd expect. If your balance moves to the side or to the front, you'll end up in the water.
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Whether you are first-timer or a seasoned-pro SUP 'er, we sell a paddleboard that suit your needs. Stand up paddle boarding is like performing a full-body workout. There are all kinds of paddleboarding gear that you will need to get so you can maximise your enjoyment.

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