Kitesurfing & Paddleboarding Abu Dhab - 2021 Guide

If you are planning to take kitesurfing or stand-up paddleboarding lessons in Abu Dhabi, you will find all the info you need here
Wind conditions in Abu Dhabi

The wind in Abu Dhabi is often stronger by 1 to 3 knots on average especially when the wind blows from the North-West.

The majority of Abu Dhabi's kitesurf areas are surrounded by The mangrove. You should always check the tide coefficients as some areas can be shallow and always look in to the specificities of the exact spot before riding with full confidence. This is especially important for the kite foil enthusiasts who are determined not to damage their wings. You will no doubt notice that in some spots the current can be quite strong. So it's important if you are a beginner to take the current into consideration and make sure that you can find your way back to the beach.

Kitesurf spots in Abu Dhabi

Kitesurf spots in Abu Dhabi are quite remote and you will often find yourself almost alone on the spot. Therefore, you should be careful to always be at least two on the spot and bring enough water with you as there are no nearby shops or restaurants.

Al Bahia Beach
Located north of Yas Island, Al Raha Beach spot is accessible by walk or 4×4. The beach is a bit hard to find at first and hard to access with a regular car but offers a large area to set up your kite. The beach spans between a jetty and the mangrove which makes the spot super flat. We recommend this spot when the wind is blowing from North or West direction. Be careful when walking to the water as the sand can be very slippery especially during low tide.

Yas Island North Beach
This spot is facing Al Bahia Beach spot and is located at the extreme north of Yas Island. As most of Abu Dhabi spots, you will have a lot of space to practice if you are a beginner and there are many shallow areas.

The Iron Bridge
this spot is only accessible by foot. Expect to walk for at least 5min after parking your car in front of the bridge. It is a perfect spot for winds coming from North-west to East. Water is usually very flat as it is protected by the mangrove. There are many shallow areas during low tides which make the water even flatter.

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